National Latin Exam

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The National Latin Exam is administered to over 150,000 students in all 50 states as well as in 12 foreign countries.  This test is an extremely challenging assessment of students’ knowledge of the Latin language, Roman history and Roman culture.   This year, Silver Lake students performed exceptionally well across the board.  Twenty nine Silver Lake students earned special recognition.

The following students won Cum Laude certificates:  Nicholas Bearne, Andrew Gibbons, Annika Larson, Sarah Cook and Kim Whitney

Emily Capasso, Evan Clancy, Gregory Donovan, Sarah Fontaine, Alteira Greene, Scott Guidoboni, Sean Hunt, Elicia Kelley, Garrett Lien, Owen McGrath, Max Milne, Jessica Morris and Jonathan Parker earned Magna Cum Laude certificates

The following students earned silver medals and Maxima Cum Laude certificates: Matt Asnes, Daniel Ferguson, Daniel Flaherty and Jennifer Riordan

The following students won gold medals and Summa Cum Laudecertificates:  Lindsey Alexanian, Jared Bowden, Alex Crone, Kyla Isakson, Kerrin Mulkern, Elizabeth Stanbrook and Max Travers.

The students listed above owe their success, in no small part, to all you have done as parents to encourage and support them in their academic endeavors.  In some ways, these awards honor not only my Latin scholars but also all of the efforts and sacrifices you have made for your sons and daughters.

Thank you for all you do for our students.

David McCarthy


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