Code Blue Results


As you are aware,  in conjunction with K-9 Officer Michael Lanatra and the Kingston Police Department. We had a drug search of our school on Monday evening January 28, 2013 and Tuesday morning January 29, 2013. We continue to search the building the evening prior in order to check common areas, closets, storage areas, and other parts of the building that we do not normally check with our routine search during school.

I’ll remind you that we DO NOT search individuals. Lockers are checked, backpacks, vehicles, and rooms. If one of the dogs indicate on an object,  school administration then conducts a search.

As a result of today’s events, no drugs or drug paraphernalia was found either in the school or in vehicles in the parking lot. Please remember that this search was a planned even, as a matter of fact, it was planned months ago.

The students and staff were awesome …as usual. The entire process took less than 20 minutes from start to finish. I was a little too quick sending out the notice on my Twitter account, @slrhsprincipal, and students who follow me on Twitter actually knew about the Code Blue before I made the announcement !

You may feel that this drill and the Code Yellow Drill held a couple of weeks ago were close together and you would be absolutely correct.  We  planned today’s drill months ago. However, the Code Yellow drill, while planned in advance, was limited by the times the SWAT team was available and involved a completely different set of public safety officers. We took the best time that was available, hence the two drills occurred rather closely. 

Thanks to the Kingston Police for their partnership in helping us to keep our school safe. As always, any questions, please feel free to ask.


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