Silver Lake Students Rock the Vote!

The democratic process has once again triumphed as the election of 2012 has come to a graceful conclusion. Win, lose, or draw, it is the major tenet of our great country that our government, as stated by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address,  is a  “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

I am very proud of the enormous amount of community service that our students take part in. Just yesterday, 10 of our students, on a day when there was no school, volunteered to work at the Kingston polls to assist our citizens in accessing the voting booth. Thanks to Riana Quinn, Shannon Reilly, Elizabeth Johnston, Kelly Carver, Corey Bemis, Christopher Battle, Jessica Balerna, Elizabeth Priolo, Anna Campbell, and Kaylene Rafferty.

Lakers Sean Rafferty, Jessica Balerna, Kaylene Rafferty, Anna Campbell, and Elizabeth Priolo display their patriotic spirit while helping at the polls in Kingston

Anna Campbell waves the American Flag as Corey Bemis and Kaylene Rafferty stand in approval


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