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It seems like some of you who have Comcast as an internet service provider are still having difficulties connecting to our web site. This appears to be limited to the Town of Kingston. Please know that it has been confirmed that the problem lies with Comcast and not with the school. Thanks to parent Maurice Splaine, this issue has risen to the top-level of technical support and is being worked on toward correction at the national level. Of course …if you don’t have internet access to this web site, you probably aren’t reading this.

News from a member of the Class of 2011

It is very rewarding to hear from Silver Lake Regional High School graduates who are doing well in their studies at college. I received a nice email from an SL graduate, class of 2011, who is attending Northeastern University. Attached is the email he sent …see …some of the things his teachers told him were actually true!

“How has the new school year been so far? I haven’t had the chance to stop by the school this year to fill in any of my teachers on how I’m doing, mostly because I’ve been busy preparing for Co-op interviews for the next semester. I excelled in all of my classes last year, and made Dean’s list last semester! Also, this year, I’ve found a lot of interest in my Marketing class, and with the guidance of a great professor, have decided to engage in a Dual Major in Accounting and Marketing. All of the AP credits I got in my Junior and Senior years at Silver Lake have given me the opportunity to be ahead of the game in the courses I take and the flexibility to pursue this Dual Major without any extra cost!
However, here’s the more exciting news, and the subject of this message. Yesterday, I went on my first co-op interview, which was with one of my top choices of the companies I sent my resume to. I felt very confident about the interview, and learned a lot more about the position and the work environment enough to make it be my top choice. Then, just a few hours later, I got the job offer! Next semester, I will be working as an Accounting/Finance Assistant for the MIT Media Lab! I will be helping out all of the members in the finance board with handling the funding and transactions involved with the many research projects that take place in the lab. I’m very excited about this position because it offers me a great chance to learn a variety of managerial accounting processes, but even more because of the interesting research it supports. The facility’s research is focused on human and technological research and the ways which people and technology can soon have more interaction with each other. Some of the research subjects include Biomechatronics and how technology can be used to enhance physical capability, Digital Intuition and developing cognitive machines and programs that can better understand and interact with people, Personal Robots and Responsive Environments, and a lot more! There is one team that is even researching molecular machines and the processes of Genetic Fabrication and Synthetic Biology! While my position doesn’t work directly with any of the research groups, I will have the opportunity to attend free seminars and presentations by them to learn about the new innovations. It certainly seems like a fun and involved environment, and I can’t wait to start working there!
Anyways, I wanted to thank you for doing a great job running the school and providing such a great honors program, as many of the AP credits and study habits I attained through Silver Lake have helped me to find my way into such a great position today!
I’m going to try to make the Thanksgiving Football game, so maybe I’ll see you then! If not, I’m sure I’ll visit the school within the next few months to see how everything’s going!”
Bruce Pulliam
Class of 2011

College Readiness

While on the topic of college …The College Board recently released their annual report of College Bound Seniors.

Click on the link to read the report: College Bound Seniors Annual Report

Conservation/Horticulture Students Report at State Wide Conference

As you read in a previous post, several of our Conservation and Horticulture students presented at the state-wide Massachusetts Computer Using Educators (MASSCUE) conference last month. Below is a picture of Anya Beale, Derek Alden, Connor Sherman, Althea Chasse, Jon Crawford, and teacher Glenn Gausman during their presentation at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. Mr. Gausman and his students will do their presentation at the December 13 School Committee meeting held here in the library.

Professional Development Day

Today is a professional development day for our faculty. Teachers attended workshops in the morning that gives them instructional techniques that can immediately be employed in the classroom. Listed below are the morning workshops that teachers attended today. The afternoon was spent in departments practicing the skills learned in the morning sessions and creating lessons centered around these new found skills. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see some pictures of our teachers sitting on the “other side of the desk”.

Career Cruising

Presenter: Meghan McGovern

Room 1607


In this presentation, CTE Teachers will learn how to navigate students through the Career Cruising software. As we transition to an “on-line” student portfolio, a focus will be in the area of exploring the portfolio features, uploading student work samples, and accessing the activities that are available for career exploration.This workshop is open to CTE teachers ONLY.


Google Blogger

Presenter: Martha Jamieson

Room 1117


Google Blogger is a central location through which you can create and follow blogs. Learn the few simple steps to create your own blog for parent communication or as a place for your students to engage in discussion.


Google Docs

Presenter: Sean Donovan

Library Computer Lab


Google Docs offer a convenient, access and share location to create documents, presentations (like PowerPoints), and many other types of documents. Learn different ways to utilize Google Docs, such as providing students a place to create and complete assignments, to work collaboratively with students in different classes, as well as how to create easy to grade online quizzes. You will also learn some basic functions of the Google Drive.

Google Drive

Presenter: Steve Blette

Room 1115


Google Drive offers a cloud-based location for file storage. Learn how to format, organize, and use your Google Drive for file storage. Additionally, you will learn how to use your Google Drive as a way to disseminate assignments and to collect work created by your students. You will also learn some basic traits of Google Docs.

Google Search: Tips & Tricks

Presenter: Linda Redding



Google…the original…Learn how to use the search capabilities of Google beyond using keywords. This no pressure hands-on workshop will offer tips and tricks for your students to search Google more efficiently and effectively.

Google Sites

Presenter: Jamie Vitonis

Room 1301


Google Sites offers many options for creating and sharing web pages. Learn how to utilize easy to use templates to create teacher website or even simple websites for your students to post information. You will also learn how to create different levels of access for people to post on different pages.


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