Cultural Awareness Day 2012

On Friday, October 19, Ms. Schweer’s Sociology classes held their annual Cultural Awareness Day. Students in the three classes were able to hear about cultural differences from teenagers and adults that come from (or have lived in) another culture—another country or region of the United States. This is an eye-opening experience for many of the students because they only know about the “New England culture” where they have lived for most (if not all) of their lives. The event was extra special this year due to the exceptionally large number of speakers who volunteered to serve on the panel.  The speakers this year were:

Mrs.  Michaela Gill—Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Florida

Mr. Matt Peck—Tanzania

Mrs. Zorica Grceva—Macedonia

Mrs. Penny Svenson—North Carolina

Mrs. Sharon Crowley—St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Mrs. Melissa Keller—Germany

Mr. Zeno Kern—Germany

Ms. Melissa Brown— Nevada, Hawaii

Ms. Sarah Cazeault—France, Australia, South Africa, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

Gaurav Patel (grade 12)—India

Aya Soufan (grade 12)—Lebanon

Emily Brown (grade 12)—Nevada, Idaho

Ryan Rajah (grade 9)—South Africa

Marcella Costa (grade 12)—Brazil

Muz Spaans (exchange student)—the Netherlands

Nubia Oliviera (exchange student)—Brazil

Lindsey McNiff (grade 11)—Spain

Shivam Sachdeva (grade 10)—India

Paige Craft (grade 11)—Germany, Austria

Zak Burkett (grade 11)—CzechRepublic


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