Safe Driving …Texting, It Can Wait!

Texting It Can Wait

I think we can all agree that texting while driving is a very dangerous act. Many studies have proven that texting  while driving creates a greater impairment than driving while intoxicated! In this “got to have it right now” world of instantaneous communication, we need to step back a bit and consider what is truly important us. Most of you know I love gadgets, I have an iPad, a top notch Android Smartphone, a laptop at home and an Android Tablet at home. I use a Fitbit Ultra to help me with diet and exercise, my car has a built-in GPS and other cool gadgets, and my TV at home talks to me and lets me live stream movies, YouTube, Twitter and everything else. In fact, it even brews a hot cup of tea for me …you know I am kidding about the tea. In our continual effort to provide educational information to our students about safe practices, we are bringing an important assembly that will be seen by all members of the Junior and Senior classes.  Our SADD Advisor, Marlene Lopes (, our PTO President Dawn Walsh ( , in conjunction with State Senate President Therese Murray’s office is bringing Texting, It Can Wait to Silver Lake Regional High School on October 30, 2012. You can learn more about this program here. Texting It Can Wait

Keep on Truckin’

I know this is so 70’s ! Next thing you know you’ll be seeing a disco ball and platform shoes! The news just keeps getting better out of our Automotive Technology Shop.Some of you may be familiar with the Discovery Channel show, Dirty Jobs, hosted by Mike Rowe. Mike also does commercials for Ford Trucks. Through the diligence of teacher Bruce Moulthrop, our truck project caught the attention of the Discovery Channel and Mike Rowe ! Check out this link for NATIONAL exposure of our students, our school, and the project.

SL on Discovery Channel

Our conservation and Horticulture students are also on the big stage. Along with teacher Glenn Gausman, our students will present to educators from all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Only one of nine schools in the state, our students will be demonstrating leaf, tree, and flora identification procedures using the iPad2. The presentation will take place at the MASSCUE (Massachusetts Computer Using  Educators). This conference will be attended by thousands of educators. Congratulations to our students ! Check out the link for the workshop …scroll down until you see A 21st Century Walk in the Woods

SL Students Present at MASSCUE

SLRHS Twitter

Be sure to follow @slrhsprincipal for late breaking news and important announcements.


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