Student Achievements

Guidance Counselors Mr. Perrone and Mr. Cucinatto with National Merit Commended Students; Natalie Schall, Brett Davis,  and Arthur Dooner,

Congratulations to members of the class of 2013 Natalie Schall, Brett Davis, and Arthur Dooner. They were recently named Commended Scholars by the College Board for their outstanding performance on last fall’s PSAT. Commended students are named on the basis of a nationally applied Selection Index score that may vary from year to year  in their respective states. Massachusetts students have one of the most stringent qualifying scores in the country. These students scored in the top 1% of all students taking the PSAT last fall and bring pride to our school.

One of my earliest posts on this blog was to describe a long-term project that our Automotive Technology students were doing along with teachers Donald Arsenault, Bruce Moulthrop, and Steven Woolson. Students and teachers, on their own time, after school, weekends, and holidays, took on the challenging project of building a truck from scratch! After almost one year, the fruits of their labor have blossomed. I’ve included a few of the pictures for you to see our students handiwork. We hope to have the truck on display soon and be a part of our Thanksgiving Day Football game. Congratulations to the Automotive Technology students who have been working on the truck : Patrick Bunzell, Craig Chambers, Bradford Drake, Chris Hayes, James Milne, Stephen Nava, Ryan Waterman, Christopher White, and Jacquelyn White. The entire Silver Lake Regional High School community shines in your spotlight!


2 Responses to “Student Achievements”

  1. Tracy Says:

    R they selling the truck or auctioning it off?

  2. Principal Kelley Says:

    No decision on that has been made yet. Continue to read the blog for any updates. Thanks for your interest.

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