Fleetwood Mac and the Bed of Nails


Whenever I hear stories that may not have any data to back them up, I always harken back to this 1976 Album by Fleetwood Mac. There is no song entitled rumours on the album, which always confused me, but one of the all time hits, Go Tour Own Way debuted on this record. Why do I speak of rumours (British spelling)? You may have heard that there was a case of MRSA here at school this week. To allay any fears …THIS IS FALSE. It is a simple case of rumors (U.S . spelling) getting out of hand and people being concerned, as well they should be. FYI … If this ever were to the case, I have a complete protocol in place, which includes immediate contacting of parents and guardians and direct communication with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Epidemiologist. Just so you know, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans. 38% of the population carry this bacteria in their bodies everyday. If you are curious and want more information you can go to the link below. Remember there is, nor has there been this year, a case of MRSA at the school.

MRSA Resources for Parents and Students

Bed of Nails

Physics teacher, Joshua Wolosz, wanted his students to learn about the relationship of force and surface area. Mr. Wolosz determined that a demonstration of this law of physics would be the best way for students to understand this concept. Check out the video in the below for your physics lesson. Thanks to Arthur Dooner for providing the video and thanks to Theo Browne for teaching me how to properly post links into the blog.

Mr. Wolosz demonstrates the laws of physics


It has come to our attention that some families in Kingston who use Comcast as their ISP, are having difficulty accessing the school website and/or the Parent Portal of Power School. The first step to resolving this problem is to be certain that you have the proper web addresses. They did change over the summer, so anything you may have bookmarked last year is different now. The proper links can be found on the school’s web site and in the September 15, 2012 posting of the Principal’s Blog.

After a few phone conversations with Comcast by our IT staff and me personally, it has been determined that the problem does not exist at the school level, but in the individuals homes/computer. Comcast suggests first checking your firewall settings to be sure that you are not blocking secured sites. Mike at Comcast tells me that since we are a .org site, this is sometimes a problem for people who have aggressive firewall settings.

If adjusting the firewall settings does not work, then Comcast suggests that you contact them directly.  of course I am assuming that you can access the Principal’s Blog in the first place ! If anyone has discovered a solution to this situation that they would like to share, please let us know.


Please be reminded that conferences are TONIGHT. Log onto pick a time to schedule your appointments. Directions are in the previous blog post. If you get shut out of an appointment, please be sure to email any teacher you would like to speak with.


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  1. Lynn W. Says:

    Thank you for posting the bed of nails link! That was very cool!

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