Freshman Orientation, Schedules, Parking and other Highlights

I hope that freshman families had a good experience at our orientation last Friday morning. I was very pleased with the turn-out by both students and families. I recognize that a great deal of information was hurled at you in a very brief time. However, please keep abreast of this blog. It’s easy to just “follow” the blog and you’ll be notified every time I update it.  In case you were unable to attend or if you missed something during the presentation, I have attached the notes in the file below. I must be doing something wrong because I can never get it to be a “hot” link. So until I figure this out, please cut and paste into your browser.

Thank you to guidance counselors Mrs. McGovern and Mrs. Ryan for organizing the orientation, thanks to all the student volunteers who helped with the building orientation, thanks to all the faculty members who worked with the students to help them get acclimated, thanks to our cafeteria staff for providing our lunch, and thanks to Mrs. Kate Toman and the Jostens Corporation whose donation helped to provide the t-shirts given to every freshman student. As always, if you have any questions, please refer to the “help desk” slide for information.

If you were unable to pick up your schedule last Friday, fear not. Student schedules will be available at the kiosk all this week. ALL students will get a final schedule on the first day of school during homeroom.

Student Parking always seems to bring up discussion. For the record, we have ample parking for any student with permission to park at the school. Student parking is available at the front of the school, in a portion of the middle school lot, and the entire lower lot.  Parking stickers can be purchased in the main office. Cost is $25 per semester or $50 for the year. In addition to the fee,  students need their license and registration. Students will be given a listing of the school’s parking regulations when they register. The fees collected are used to maintain the lots. This summer we were able to repaint all the lines. Also we are erecting three new signs reminding students to buckle their safety belts. The Class of 1962 donated money toward the purchase of these signs. Teachers and administrators will patrol the parking lots in the morning and afternoon. With our new student  handbook policy,  students not buckled up will be subject to the loss of their parking privilege on campus.

One of the events I enjoy the most during the summer is attending the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association  (MSSAA) annual summer conference. The three-day conference provides me with numerous workshops and training sessions that help me to stay abreast of current research as well as to provide professional development that I can pass on to the students and staff to improve our school. As a member of the MSSAA Board of Directors, I sometimes am granted access to individuals and opportunities not readily available to other members. Below is a picture of me with renowned school law authority Patricia Flaherty. Patricia is a “big fan” of Silver Lake Regional High School and has been very helpful to us.

Legal Expert Patricia Flaherty and Principal Kelley at the MSSAA Summer Conference 2012

Athletic try-outs begin on Thursday. Please contact Mrs. Armstrong in the athletic office if you have any questions whatsoever regarding our athletic program.


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