Summer Reading

I hope that your summer is going well and that you are able to find time to relax and recharge.

Our custodial staff has been working diligently cleaning and getting the building ready for the start of a new school year. As part of their routine, custodians go through and clean EVERY locker in the building. During this task, they have found a plethora of personal items, mostly clothing.  If you are missing any clothing or other items, please be sure to stop by the school before August 6, 2012. On August 6, custodians will bundle up all of the items and donate them to charitable organizations. Please feel free to call the school if you have any questions.

Summer Reading Assignments

Please be aware that summer reading is required of all students. Summer reading information for all grades is listed in the Principal’s Blog accessible off the main page,

I just finished an excellent book, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Anthony Shadid, House of Stone: A Memoir of Home, Family, and a Lost Middle East.

Have a safe summer.


4 Responses to “Summer Reading”

  1. Juliet Drennan Says:

    The Summer Reading lists are not in the blog, as noted in your most recent post. What are the books?

  2. Michele Pecoraro Says:

    I don’t see where in the blog the summer reading is listed.

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