End of the school year …

As I have stated before, the school year went by in a flash! The last few weeks are always very hectic. During the past week alone we had graduation, Science MCAS for grade 9 students,  Evening of Excellence, and Step-Up Day for the grade eight students. It’s a blur, but it is also a blast …I truly love my job and to paraphrase Confucius, I have never worked a day in my life!

To set the record straight, many community members have come up to me and wish me well on my retirement. While I do appreciate their good wishes, I am not retiring this year. There is still plenty of zip left in me, I love what I do, and I thoroughly enjoy and love working at our high school. This is an outstanding community with  an outstanding school, an outstanding faculty and an outstanding student body. Why would I ever want to leave!  I hope that the vast majority of you are happy to hear this!

Some of you may have noticed that I have been limping around as of late. I will add that even at this young age …yes I am 58 … I need to have hip replacement surgery. I have put this off for almost a year, but I recognize that this has to be done. My robotic , ( I think that is pretty cool), hip replacement will take place on the Monday, June 18,  after the last day of school. I am not sure how long I will be on the DL, but I am hopeful to be back at my desk before too long.

Final Exams

Just in case you may have misplaced it, here is the link to the final exam schedule. http://www.slrsd.org/slrhs/information/pdf/underclassmenFinal%20Exam%20Schedule%202012.pdf

Final report cards will be mailed home to all students at the end of June. We’ll also have a copy of student schedules enclosed with the final report card. The student schedules will list all of the courses you will have next year, they will not include teacher names and periods of the classes. Please be sure to contact the Guidance Office if you have any questions about your schedule.Freshmen Orientation for students and parents will take place on Friday August 17, a letter will be mailed home explaining the day this week. Full and complete student schedules will be available for student pick up beginning on August 17.


While I did not personally see it …I am told that our graduation was shown on the Channel 5 news and on Good Morning America. A you tube search of Silver Lake graduation will bring up several video clips. Guess we have gone viral!


and  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OxzJN3nfmc

Have a happy, safe and healthy summer. I will update the blog during the summer as topics warrant. Be sure to “follow” this blog to be notified of updates


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