Class of 2012 Graduation and Freshman MCAS

This time of year is an extremely hectic here at the high school. The goal that students have been working toward since kindergarten is finally here. The seconds and minutes often go by at a snail’s pace, but the days, weeks, and years seem to fly by …it is a bittersweet time with mixed emotions for everyone.

Our graduation committee, made up of parents, students, faculty, staff, and administrators have been meeting since January to plan a dignified and meaningful commencement exercise.

Rain or shine, the ceremony will take place at 11:00 AM on this Saturday, June 2, 2012. This is a particularly harrowing time for me; knowing full well that most people prefer the ceremony outdoors but also having to be cognizant of the needs of the graduates and the support people for graduation. Rain will wreak havoc with electrical wires, sound equipment,  musical instruments, and parchment diplomas. Current forecasts predict a 70% chance of rain on Saturday. Therefore, if we have an indoor graduation, the ceremony will take place in the gymnasium. As you know, due to fire safety, three tickets per family were allotted to graduates. However, the ceremony will be simulcast in the air-conditioned, cushion seats, 750 people capacity auditorium.  Regardless of the venue, the ceremony promises to be a great day for the Silver Lake community.


Members of the freshmen class will be taking the Science MCAS test on June 5 and June 6. This is a high stakes test, as students must pass this in order to earn their high school diploma. Please be sure that your student is well rested and has a nutritious, protein filled breakfast so that they’ll be at their optimum for the test.

Our mentoring program. Project Silver is once again providing study sessions to members of the freshman class to help them prepare for final exams. Listed below is the schedule.


need help studying for



June 5th 2-3pm

Teachers & NHS tutors will be available for help with ELA, Physics & Math

June 7th 2-3pm

Teachers & NHS tutors will be available for help in Spanish, World History & Math



What to bring:

Books, study guides, paper, pen or pencil and any questions you might have

What to do:

Swing by the library after school. Teachers and members of NHS will be available to help prepare or tutor you in the subject areas you need support in. Passes to the late bus will be provided.


Sponsored by Project Silver

For your convenience, I have re-posted the link to the final exam schedule here. You may need to cut and paste into your browser.


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