Living in a digital world …not to be confused with a material world

Here at Silver Lake Regional High School, we are constantly examining and re-examining our vision. Of course the bottom line is always what is best for our students. I am not naive enough to realize that there will always be disagreement as to what is best for our students. Like anything else, it depends on the lens you are using to examine the situation. Such is the case with digital technology. Those of you that know me recognize that I love gadgets. I own an Android based smartphone, an Android Tablet, an Ipad,  laptop, desktop, and a Netbook computer …wow … now that I see it in writing before me, that’s pretty bad! I am one of those people who is always playing with the phone while watching TV or relaxing at home, but NEVER driving! Being able to purchase the iPad2 Lab for our students was great for our students. Accessing current technology is very important for our students. My next inclination was to figure out a way to get an iPad or some other e-reader type device (Kindle or Nook) into the hands of every student, do away with cumbersome, heavy, and very expensive textbooks, and load up these devices with books. However, after much reflection on this and after hearing our Social Studies Department Head, Steve Blette, state: “Rich …why would we want to use 21st century technology only to access 15th century technology?” I am planning to form an ad hoc committee to examine ways in which we can better incorporate 21st century technology into our curriculum for all students. I would appreciate having members of the community participate in this work. Please keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for meeting times.

Our high school librarian, Linda Redding, in cooperation with the Holmes Public Library procured a grant through the Boston Public Library to have all yearbooks from 1956 to 2011 digitized and now available as e-books. You could load them up on your Kindle, iPad, or other reading device.  Some of the yearbooks are categorized under Silver Lake and some under The Torch. So, if you click on the link and search either of those terms, you’ll be able to check out all these fine historic documents.

Principal Kelley circa 1971 with hair

As a requirement set forth by the Massachusetts department of Public Health,  BMI and vision and hearing testing  will be conducted for all grade 10 students. Click on this link for more information.

Don’t forget … next week we will be donating clothing that is in our Lost and Found to local organizations. Please be sure to have your student check the lost and found for any items they may be missing. There are boxes upon boxes of clothing, shoes, bags, and other materials in the lost and found that will be donated next week if left unclaimed.

Please be sure to check the Lost and Found ...Items will be donated next week


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