Professional Development, Project Silver, and Social Justice,

Silver Lake Regional High School held a Professional Development Day for Staff on January 17, 2012. Listed below are the workshops and descriptions that all teachers attended. Assistant Principal, Michaela Gill organized the workshops and facilitated the scheduling process. Teachers earned professional development points for attending these training sessions. We are very proud of our partnerships for learning with PAC TV and NBC Learn. 

“Appy” Hour

Presenter: Linda Redding

iPad Lab

Spend an hour exploring apps to use with your students on the iPad. A no pressure hour of seeing what the iPad has to offer in your subject area. Check out the apps we have already or search for additional ones. Resources will be available with lesson ideas and best practices.

Classroom First Aid

Presenter: Brian Bellinger

Room 1106


Every wonder what to do in the event that a student passes out or has a seizure in your classroom? Are you prepared for bloody noses? Brush up on your basic first aid skills and learn what to do should a medical emergency occur in your classroom.

“Lights, Camera, Action!”….Digital Video Camera Basics

Presenters:  PAC-TV Staff (Plymouth Area Cable-TV)

AV Room

PAC-TV is providing SLRHS with a set of easy to use HD Digital Video Cameras, a laptop to edit footage, and even a support person to help students and teachers with projects.  This session will cover video camera basics from turning it on to capturing the footage.

NBC Learn

Presenter:  Bill Ross from NBC

Computer Lab

NBC Learn is the newest database in the Silver Lake Library line-up providing access to the NBC news archives from 1920 to present. NBC Learn K-12 makes thousands of historic videos, current events, and original resources available to K-12 teachers and students, all aligned to state standards and mapped to curriculum. This workshop will give an overview on how to use this resource. Unique features include individual student registration enabling students to produce playlists and use a built-in note card feature.

No SMART Board Required!

Presenter: Matt Mello

Drafting Room

Do you want to learn how to use SMART Notebook to add fun and enhance the educational environment of your classes?  This presentation will show you how.  All you need in your classroom is a projector and a computer with SMART Notebook installed.  We will go over several interactive games as well as some basic SMART Notebook techniques to help you get started (or continue) using this fantastic tool!  These techniques will work great with or without a SMART Board.


Presenter: Val Mahtesian

Room 1301

The most highly requested workshop is back! Learn to use SchoolRack to create a classroom website for students, parents, and colleagues to visit! The system is simple and flexible enough to meet your needs!

SchoolRack is a free online tool that makes it easy to publish and personalize a useful teacher website, without any software.  SchoolRack created the tools to make it easy for you to post homework online, class notes, pictures – just about anything you want.

The Internet has become a staple in students’ lives.  Online tools are proven to increase classroom efficiency and improve student performance.  Take advantage of this workshop teaching you how to use SchoolRack to build your own website! No previous knowledge of web design needed

Special Education Process & Procedures: What to Expect & What it Means to You

Presenters: Michelle Boudreau & Samantha Erlandson

Room 1108

The goal of this workshop is to give an overview of the special education process.  Topics covered will include: Meetings; SST; Referral process; IEPs vs. 504s; Types of disabilities and their definitions, students with emotional disabilities; the least restrictive environment, and strategies for educating and accommodating students with disabilities in your classroom.

Tips & Tricks: Navigating Your Desktop

Presenter: John Towner

Room  1117


Basic tips and tricks that include:



The use of outlines


            Using the advanced Google search

            How to download and save YouTube videos

            The print screen function

            Google Apps



            Creating useful class lists using excel and PowerSchool

            Exporting and importing assignment grades into PowerSchool

How to save your favorites / bookmarks

Desktop tips and tricks

John Towner

Tips and Tricks Web Site

“You can’t say that (or can you?)” – The First Amendment in the Public Schools

Presenter: Dave McCarthy

Room 2106

This presentation examines the extent to which the First Amendment protects the speech and expressions of both students and teachers in public schools.  It is designed to investigate the following types of issues:  Under what circumstances may school officials limit or discipline students for their speech?  Can faculty members be disciplined for what they say about certain topics?  To what extent may religious expression be permitted in the public schools? To what extent can students be disciplined for speech which occurs off campus?

Project Silver

Project Silver, the school mentoring program, recently sponsored its Term 2 Seminar for 9th graders.  In preparation for mid-year exams, all 9th graders were shown an informational video created by students in the Journalism class.  The video included helpful hints and tips from upperclassmen, students, administrators, and guidance counselors.  Important things such as the mid-year exam schedule, what to expect on exam day and how to prepare for the exams were covered.  In addition, on January 5th and 12th Project Silver hosted a Mid-Year Exam Review Session for 9th graders.  The event, which was held in the library from 2-3pm, was a great success!  There were approximately 15 National Honor Society students tutoring, 10 teachers providing extra help, and 45 students in attendance.  Another review session for final exams will be held for 9th graders in June …more information will be provided in the future!  Contact Mrs. Gill or Mrs. Fontaine with any questions about this upcoming event or other Project Silver questions.

Cowards to Warriors


On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, the Student Council sponsored guest speaker Calvin Terrell.  Calvin spoke during two assemblies during the day; one for Freshman and Seniors the other for Sophomores and Juniors. Calvin held student’s rapt attention by skillfully pointing out instances of social injustice. Using multimedia, crowd participation, and storytelling, students will be afforded opportunities to introspect on how to treat people, their bystander responsibility when bullying occurs, and the way they perceive diversity. Bottom line, the school was buzzing about the presentation. Students absolutely heard his message and fully understand the impact of their language and actions toward others. Calvin spoke during the evening to an auditorium filled with approximately 300 people.  The majority of those in attendance were parents who were cajoled by their students to attend the event. They were NOT disappointed. I’ll let you decide how parents felt about the presentation by some quotes from emails I received from students and parents. These are in addition to the numerous comments I received from parents at the presentation:

“Dear Principal Kelley,

 I wanted to “thank you”, the program was fantastic and Calvin Terrell was so engaging and honest.  It was a beautiful evening and the courage of the students who shared their stories was inspiring…”

“Mr. Kelley:

I  would like to take this opportunity to let you know how wonderful the program of cowards & warriors was.  I have not stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen.  I also think an enormous amount of thanks should come to SLRHS for bringing this subject to the forefront of our community. I have discussed with our Granddaughter what she got out of it and it was so positive.  She said she looks at our society in a different way with a better understanding of people.  Again thank you and the staff.”

“Mr. Kelley,

I just wanted to let you know that I thought the speaker was outstanding last night.  When my girls came home from school yesterday they were raving about it.  They said “Mom you have to go tonight , it was awesome”.  They talked about it very much all afternoon.  I have been to many lectures and presentations and I can honestly say that was one of the best I have ever attended.

I think it really had an impact on the students.”

“Dear Mr. Kelley,

I just wanted to let you know what an extremely fabulous assembly that was last night. Cowards to Warriors was by far the best  assembly Silver Lake has ever had, at least in my 3.5 years here. I believe Calvin Tirell should be invited back every year, I know he had a huge impact on my friends as well as myself, and I am sure he touched many other people as well. Calvin sent such a great message and I believe everyone should be able to hear what he has to say.

I am now aware of what is happening throughout the world and am willing to take this tough challenge and become a warrior of today’s world.

Thanks so much for allowing Calvin Tirell to come speak to our school community, it was definitely worth it.”

Our charge now, is to keep these feeling alive in our students and community and not let this be a one day wonder. My regret is that we were unable to videotape this for those unable to attend.

Thanks to all who participated and thanks to the Silver Lake Student Council and adviser Antonio Pina for sponsoring this activity.


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