Cowards to Warriors …

Guest Presentation

The Silver Lake Regional High School Student Council is sponsoring a guest speaker next Wednesday, January 25, 2012. Calvin Tirrell will speak with the student body about accepting differences, cultural and racial diversity, and anti-bullying.  For the past nineteen years, Calvin has lectured, trained, and lead comprehensive workshops for valuing diversity, equity, and justice building in schools, corporations, and civic organizations for thousands of adults, children, and youth throughout the United States. Right click to open the link  for a description of the program.

Cowards to Warriors

If, for some reason, you choose not to have your student attend the assembly on January 25, 2012, please right click on this link, and fill out the attached form and return it to school. (the due date is January 24, 2012 NOT January 20, 2012)

calvin assembly opt out

Students will attend assemblies during the school day and may also sign up for a leadership workshop held after lunches.  The leadership workshop is open to all students who wish to attend. Students who wish to attend the leadership workshop must sign-up at the kiosk.

Calvin will do a similar presentation for members of the Silver Lake community at 7:00PM on the evening of January 25, 2012. Parents, guardians, and adult family members are encouraged to attend.

Blackboard Connect

Hopefully by now you are aware of our new communication system for notifying homes of events and emergencies here at the school. Currently, the home phone number and email address you provided for us in the fall is the sole method of contacting you. However, the system is capable of contact you via text message, mobile phone, landline, and email …or any combination thereof. In order to be contacted by methods other than email and phone number, you must let us know your preferences. There is an on-line registration process for you to follow that will customize the manner in which you are notified. Right click to open the link below for instructions to complete this simple process. The only additional information you will need is your student’s ID number. The ID number can be found on the student ID cards, progress reports, and report cards. The address for our portal is

Blackboard Connect Parent Preference Sign Up



Parent Conferences February 2, 2012

The next and final scheduled Parent/teacher Conference Night is scheduled for February 2, 2012 from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Meeting times with teachers are by appointment. Right click to open the link below for a description of the evening.

Parent conference letter

In order to schedule an appointment with a teacher, please right click on the link below, open, and print out the list, and have your student bring it to the teachers with whom you wish to meet.

Parent Teacher appointment list


One Response to “Cowards to Warriors …”

  1. Pat Killeen Says:

    Any chance Silver Lake will consider an online appointment scheduler such as “pick A time”?

    It might simplify things… Thanks!

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