Start Spreading the News …

This past weekend, my wife and I took a trip to New York City to do some sight-seeing and do a little educational research. While in NYC, we visited the 9/11 Memorial that recently opened on September 12, 2011. I had never been to ground zero and had no idea how moved we would be while touring the memorial museum. This represents a period in our nation’s history that will live on with us forever. I was especially moved when I saw the name of Kingston resident, William Hunt, engraved in the South Pool Memorial. William’s dad, Larry Hunt, was a long time Social Studies teacher here at Silver Lake and was actually teaching a class when the tragedy struck. It was the start of my second year as your principal, and that day at school will always be indelibly etched in our minds.

Of course we enjoyed ourselves by taking in a show at Radio City Music Hall, and visiting all the tourist sites, including NBC Studios, Rockefeller Plaza, Katz’s Deli, (made famous in the movie When Harry Met Sally), and of course Times Square where the ball drops to start every New Year’s Day.

Last Thursday evening Mrs. Gill, Ms. Jamieson, and Freshman Football Coach and substitute teacher Brian Fitzgibbons organized a half-time tribute to all veterans during our Football Game, in particular those from the Silver Lake Region. A moment of silence was held in honor of deceased veterans and Silver Lake Regional High School graduates Matthew Bean and Jesse Crudup. The Silver Lake Cheerleaders and Dance Team performed at half-time. The Silver Lake Regional High School Marching Band played the official songs from all four branches of the military to honor our service men and women.

Auto Mechanics teacher Bruce Moulthrop and a group of several students are taking part in a truck restoration project. They have a 2001 CHEVROLET 25OO H.D. truck that they have taken apart bolt by bolt. Every piece of the truck has been disassembled, cleaned, and sand blasted or painted. The students and Mr. Moulthrop have been working after school, evenings, holidays, and weekends on this tremendous project.

Chris Hayes and Stephen Nava work on the engine block


James Milne, Pat Bunszell, Chris Hayes, and Mr. Moulthrop pose in front of the sand blasting booth they constructed


Chris Hayes, Chris White, Stephen Nava, and Craig Chambers clean parts in the Automotive Technology classroom





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