Professional Development Days …

Students may have had an extended Columbus Day weekend, but I can assure you that teachers and administrators were hard at work attending workshops, receiving training, organizing curriculum, aligning the common core, and fine tuning instructional practices. Listed below are the descriptions of the workshops and trainings that all high school teachers attended. I’ve included a few pictures of staff in action.

 Web 2.0

Presenter: Linda Redding

Location: Library Computer Lab

The internet has evolved to a place not only to get information but to create and share information.  We will review some of the cool Web 2.0 tools for school and then have time to try them out!

Student Mentoring

Presenter: Melissa Fontaine

Location: 1116

This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools and strategies to connect with your students in order to establish mutual respect, motivation, and measurable goals. Current Project Silver mentors would certainly benefit from this workshop, however, it is open to all teachers interested in learning how to develop a more positive rapport with their student and connect beyond the curriculum.


Presenter: John Towner and Ashley Andrews

This workshop will show users at all skill levels how to use SyrchronEyestm.  This tool is installed in all the computer labs and in the library.  It is extremely simple to use and allows the teacher to:

  • Lock all Student Computers
  • Observe all students screens from one location
  • Control the Student Computers

–  Broadcast your screen to all the students,

– pass the Chalk to a student,

– have a student take over your screen

  • Have the student’s Internet Explorer open to specific web address
  • Restrict students from accessing the internet during class (stop the gaming),
  • Enable the teacher to Dip Stick (take a quick vote)
  • Give tests to students

– automatically correct

– view results

– allow you to create your own custom tests


Presenters: John Garofalo & Tracy Ryan

Location: Library

In this course, we will share important information for teachers on how to use Naviance Succeed, a program used by Silver Lake to facilitate the college application process.  You will learn how to perform tasks that include composing recommendation letters and teacher evaluations digitally through your Naviance Succeed account along with being exposed to the great pieces of information you will be able to access including student SAT scores, GPA information, and Method Test Prep (a program used for SAT prep).

iPad2 101

Presenter: Linda Redding

Location: Library Conference Room

This hands-on no pressure workshop will give you an opportunity to try out the new iPad 2 lab.  Learn the basics of using the iPad2.  We will discuss some of the educational applications of the iPad.  Explore the wide range of Apps that have been downloaded and search for Apps that will be useful to your students   Come see what the iPad has to offer.


Presenter: John Towner and Ashley Andrews

Location: Room 1117


This workshop will show users at all skill levels how to use Moodle. Moodle has several features considered typical of an e-learning platform.  Some typical features of Moodle are

  • Assignment submission
  • Discussion forum
  • Files download
  • Grading
  • Moodle instant messages
  • Online calendar
  • Online news and announcement (School and course level)
  • Online quiz
  • Wiki

On completion of this workshop the participants should be able to create a course in Moodle and understand how to get help with some of the more advanced features of Moodle.

School Rack

Presenter: Val Mahtesian

Location: Room 1301

Learn to use SchoolRack to create a classroom website for students, parents, and colleagues to visit! The system is simple and flexible enough to meet your needs!

SchoolRack is a free online tool that makes it easy to publish and personalize a useful teacher website, without any software.  SchoolRack created the tools to make it easy for you to post homework online, class notes, pictures – just about anything you want.

The Internet has become a staple in students’ lives.  Online tools are proven to increase classroom efficiency and improve student performance.  Take advantage of this workshop teaching you how to use SchoolRack to build your own website! No previous knowledge of web design needed

Power Teacher 101

Presenter: Mike Stringer

Are you new to SLRHS or just need to brush up on some of the basics? This workshop is designed to teach you the basics of using PowerTeacher and PowerTeacher Gradebook. Learn some of the tricks and tools and walk away with a better understanding of how to use this program.

Book’em Danno: The Fourth Amendment in the Public Schools

Presenter: David McCarthy

Location: 2108

Back by popular demand! In this workshop, you will examine the Fourth Amendment, and how it affects students in public schools. Participants will discuss to what extent students have Fourth Amendment protection on school property and at school functions. You will also examine particular fact patterns and how the Fourth Amendment has been applied in those situations.

Mr. Towner and Ms. Andrews lead the class in "Moodle"

Ms. Redding teaches staff how to use the iPad2 in their classroom

Director of Guidance John Garofalo and Counselor Tracy Ryan, instruct teachers how to submit letters of recommendation to colleges using Naviance


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