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This week I attended the Annual Convocation Seminar for the Massachusetts Secondary School Administrator’s Association in Franklin, MA. I was elected for my third consecutive term to be a member of the Board of Directors of this fine organization. While this responsibility does mean I am attending six afternoon meetings a year, it affords me direct access to numerous state policies, procedures, initiatives, and educational research that is “hot off the press”. In the past I have been able to meet with the Commissioner of Education, several academic authors, and networked with administrators from across the state. In the end I find that Silver Lake Regional High School ranks near or at the top of the list in all categories.


You may recall that our building is now fully wireless. This is a great advantage for classroom instruction. Prior to being wireless, teachers would borrow the laptop carts, and have to set up the wireless access point. This would often take as much as fifteen minutes. While fifteen minutes doesn’t sound like much, it is 25% of the class time. Now with wireless access, the signal is already in place and students can get to work in less than five minutes. When students use our iPad2 lab, they are at work immediately! I have received numerous positive comments from students and teachers about our upgraded technology. Of course you know that the new iPad2 lab was generously donated to our school from the Barbara Faust memorial Scholarship. Barbara was a library aide here many years ago. Her family started a fund in her name, and Mr. Faust generously gifted $20,000 to the school for technology upgrades in the library. We will be having an open house and “Thank You Reception” in the next couple of weeks.


Don’t forget parent/teacher conference night this Thursday, October 6, 2011. Information can be found on the web site. Follow this link for quick access. http://www.slrsd.org/slrhs/information/parentinfo.php


I hope to see many of you at Monday’s PTO meeting on Monday October, 2011. Ms. Redding, our school librarian will present a student produced video about our new technology.


For the record …in conjunction with the Kingston Fire Department, we had our first fire drill of the year today. Students and staff completely evacuated the building in two minutes and thirteen seconds, a new record!


Have a great weekend and I hope to see you at:

PTO on Monday 10/3


College Fair on Tuesday 10/4


and Parent teacher Conferences on Thursday 10/6.



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